Sunday 26 June 2011

The international compared view of Southern economies

A "helping hand" from Bran Hollis, on the external view on Greece, Portugal and Spain, resulting from the protest movements and their characteristics; quite useful links, thanks!

"I don't think it is easy to categorize the protest movements. In Greece it is the EPP (right) ND party which does not agree with further austerity. The 'indignant' protesters in Greece are supported by 80% of the population , according to a recent uni. survey. In Spain it is a distinct and varied movement that is protesting. In Spain the unions have demonstrated 'quietly' or symbolically while accepting a certain amount of austerity from the socialist government. If the right wing center PP comes to power the union protests would be stronger. To put it bluntly, few are happy with the economy in these countries under current circumstance. Also as austerity sets in, depending on politics etc. various kinds of protests start. Go back a couple of years and it was the transporters in Spain over fuel costs for example. No space here to write a full article, but for English readers I suggest the following websites: (partly subscription)
In the Greek sites you would find full reports on the sentiment of the population, if you follow long enough. The Spanish indignados movement is covered by El Pais, Eleconomista, amongst many others. There are also good articles in the FT Der spiegel, the Telegraph etc. from time to time. Portugal has not had much press really abroad, except when agreements must be made or default is possible. EU is a very big topic , and it depends on each persons view what is fair or right I suppose-personally I am pro EU but not convinced about the direction since the eurozone, and current handling."

This last paragraph also deserves a quick comment. Portuguese authorities and politicians should not be obsessed with image in the outside of the country; just focus on what has to be done, and Portugal will be out of the news. Portugal is sufficiently small to be news only when things go wrong.

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