Wednesday 20 April 2011

"Tolerancia de ponto"

So much (public) debt to pay - but civil servants still get their Thursday afternoon off. Perhaps not the best way to improve the reputation of the country abroad.


  1. I subscribe !
    Crisis ? What crisis ???

  2. Perhaps the most unlikely idea to have while the troika is around... What if their driver took the afternoon off?

  3. Indeed, this "afternoon off" is not going to contribute to our image abroad. The probable consequence will be yet another increase in the tax rates of our foreign loans.

    It seems crystal clear that the Portuguse people prefer no to work, rather than help improving the situation.
    The Portuguese are not aware of the gravity of the issue.

    The government is already on electoral campaign, though they're not alone: so are the opposition parties.
    Historically, the Portuguese have never managed to get along, see eye to eye, or even try it.

    I just don't understand, or perhaps I do, why the mass media concentrated their news on the leader of the main opposition party, by criticising this matter.
    He was not the only one.