Thursday 14 April 2011


Why is the German government so worried with the polls? Are they that fragile? That's a shame because, as we all know, European integration depends a lot on Germany. I wonder how an SPD government would act at this venture. Maybe in 2013 we'll know the answer.


  1. Pedro, I just wrote a long comment on this, and when I posted it it disappeared. Thus a (short) second attempt: She's got nothing to gain from not dragging her feet: voters are against, the country cannot be governed unless there is agreement with the upper house that is controlled by the opposition. There are no more ultimate causes nor visions and long-run thinking. Nor the willingness to take and "sit out" the storm after unpopular decisions (Kohl was famous for that). Party politics has also changed in Germany, with the "left party" and the greens getting ever stronger, i.e. the centre-right is in danger of becoming a minority (parliamentary elections are already in 2013, but every few months there are state parliament elections which seem to function as opportunities for protest votes). Now I'll try "post" again...

  2. Hi Steffen. Thanks a lot for the clarification. Best, P