Tuesday 28 December 2010

The Spanish Economy

Here's The Spanish Economy. No, it's not a Spanish counterpart to this blog, but rather a website set up by the Spanish government that "provides access to the latest key economic information on Spain in English in a clear and comprehensive manner". A quick visit suggests that it is rather well done, in the sense that most of it is composed of links to documents and data. In other words, it seems "strictly informative", although it is obviously more than that. Most of the official documents to which it links are actually in English, which is no small achievement. If you search "Spanish economy" on Google, the website is already in the top ten links. Judging from what Pedro Lains told us here, maybe the Portuguese government should get some inspiration from this. I'm afraid, however, that the title "The Portuguese Economy" is already taken.


  1. I was not aware of that site, but certainly it will go some way in providing international info on the spanish economy;

    as to Portugal, theportugueseconomy.pt is still open for grabs :D (for the moment at least, checked 30 seconds ago)

  2. the website for HM Treasury in the UK is very well done as well. It has all the imformation a layman could want to look up, and in a presentable way.

    for example the spending review:

    In Portugal, the Ministério das Finanças website is confusing and if you want to look up something it's impossible. All information inside is in horrible, lengthy and technical pdfs that do not serve the purpose of informing the common citizen.
    Besides, if Portugal wants to create a website like the spanish one, it should start first with one in portuguese.