Thursday 16 December 2010

Being visionary

Independently of the effect of the new initiative for the Competitiveness and Employment on the Portuguese Economy, it is already scaring to envision that, once the (inter)national crisis surrenders, a great number of new public institutes and projects can be potentially created to evaluate the impact of the new measures. I would suggest that the economic departments of our universities and their researchers take the lead and motivate their doctoral and master students to start working on applied microeconomic and macroeconomic papers to evaluate these measures. Get the data, and do an efficient, independent, and cheaper public service. A win-to-win opportunity, would say.


  1. Hi Sandra
    Totally agree.

    First step, Get the data, we should start collecting it now, otherwise "they" will deny it later. :-)

    I always like visions :D.


  2. It is very simple to get the Portuguese economy working. Lower taxes and let the free market economy work, free in this case meaning free from the asphyxiating "interventions" of the State.

  3. E acabar com as "vacas sagradas" - insaciáveis sorvedores do Erário Público que apenas servem para "jobs for the boys".

  4. It is an interesting proposal. Endogenous "institutions".