Tuesday 24 July 2012

Three questions to European leaders

I have been asked to prepare a short question for the european summit in October. I have prepared three. They are broad and purposely rethorical to quench my impatience.

To date the Eurozone is the most highly civilized arrangement between former warring states to provide public goods of primary importance: peace and prosperity. By constructing  the Union, Europeans, want to maintain their status of paragon among other regions of the planet. 
Can you describe what would be the consequences for the international order of a failure of the European project?

Do you think that the current institutional framework is able to provide for consistent macroeconomic policies in periods of calm and rapid and responsible decisions during period of crisis, or is it prone to free-riding behavior and naive "fallacy of composition" analysis by individual members?

The current narrative ascribes the incapacity of European leaders to agree to the war between two world views. It is again the old dispute between the short run and the long run. (Strangely enough we had been taught that the dispute had been settled by the Samuelsonian neoclassical synthesis.) When do you think European leaders will present and offer a shared analytical framework on the economic functioning of the Eurozone?


  1. Answers:
    #1. Re-fill your popcorn bowl, you are watching it in progress.
    #2. Free-riding like Greece and naive fallacy of composition like Barroso (the emperor is naked!)? Of course responsible decisions cannot be provided by the EU when its members are not elected by the people and have ZERO accountability for their mistakes.
    #3. "When do you think European leaders will present and offer a shared analytical framework on the economic functioning of the Eurozone?" - Now who's naive? LOL. To imagine that two dozen previously warring nations with different cultures, languages and national agendas will offer a shared framework of economic function is nothing short of illuminati utopian dreams of a New World Order. Ain't gonna happen.

    1. @SilverSurfer

      Sharp and cynical answers. Maybe. On the other hand lack of powerful vision and ideas is a path that leads to decline.

  2. 1. None! As you know European Union is a good example of an irrelevant influence in the world, while trying to maintain those qualities on their own members.
    2. Yes. An inconsistent structure is far more convinient in times you don't know what cames next.
    3. As I told you in the first answer, european union influence is irrelevant no mater the framework we're able to stablish in our core, for the rest of the world.
    We are seen as a very old rich people with a lack of interest in the matters of the world. Ecology for instance is one. Another one is sharing the peace and properity with others.

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