Thursday 17 May 2012

1 year of troika

17 May 2011 - one year ago - the Memorandum of Understanding was signed and Portugal entered the financial rescue mode.

A year after we have
- new government, and a relatively large political consensus on the complying with the commitments set in the Memorandum, including the main opposition party
- lower wages - both in civil service, as the Government imposed a wage cut, and private sector (either negotiation of lower wages or through unemployment spells, taking lower paid jobs
- unemployment at historically high levels
- emigration rising again to levels unseen in peaceful
- public budget cuts
- price increases (transports, electricity)
- tax increases (both income and VAT) (tourists can still have back VAT, under certain conditions)
- give away 4 holidays (two historic dates + two religious dates)

but we also have
- sun and 30º C in May
- good roads and highways (though, rather empty ones, but hey, they are there to use)
- summer music festivals - Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams and Stevie Wonder will be at Rock in Rio
- good food, even if we take smaller portions
- waves
- exports growing, and to non-traditional markets
- GDP fall was smaller than expected this term (though one number is not yet a change in trend).

And if you want to keep tracking some key numbers in main areas of change under the memorandum of understanding, follow what our students are doing here.


  1. one year of perestroika?

    sokratestroika + passitroika = 366 dias?


    emigration rising again to levels unseen in peaceful in peace time ? in peaceful quê

    boçês além do anglo tico e teco
    dignus do sokratistão

    Immigration prá chatear os gaijos da hollanda de hollande já começou em força em 2007 migratio to swisse desde 2005 e Angola desde o fim da guerra
    to levels unseen deve ser os tempos dos brilhantes do brasileiro

    escrever in anglo-sax ou anglo-sex de sussex is the act of foreigners passing or coming into phrases of idiotic ascent y descent to abyssum tuo

    a country of unseen peaceful for the purpose of permanent pax residence?

    há cá pisces?

    tá catastroiko mesmo só não imigrou pra rainha elizabeth quem nã sabia pidgin english

    ass ass i nado: Johny Anglixo

  2. relegio is historic nã é histérico ?

    A.D. 2012 ó dominus meo is a relegio or historica data?

    in god we trust os tristes trusts

  3. if you want to keep track of some key wings

    tracking tracking tracking ...shit no KFC wings boy...

  4. Link is now working (at least in my computer), sorry for the inconvenience

  5. Tendo em conta os números das exportações/importações de Março de 2012 será previsível atingir o equilíbrio a muito breve trecho?

  6. Equilíbrio já já em Agosto mas o 0 está no lugar errado escreve-se 2102
    ou é Agosto de 2021? Nã deve ser 2102 espero ansiosamente pelo dia do equilíbrio comprei já uns foguetes chineses para celebrar.
    sempre são mais baratos que os nacionais