Monday 10 October 2011

Updated information and data on Portuguese's Quarterly National Accounts Q2-2011

On 30th of September INE published data on the national accounts for the institutional sectors for the 2nd quarter of 2011.

In summary, the General Government deficit (national accounts) was 8.8% of GDP in the 12 months ending in Q2 (decreasing from 9.3% in the previous quarter), mainly due to reductions in wages and social transfers in kind.


  1. Dear Jalles,

    the INE publishes its reports in English for long time now:

    there is no need to act as the official INE translator

  2. Many thanks. In any case, I am solely pointing out to the release of new information that may be of interest to some particular reader or economist working with this sort of data. Moreover, I am not (nor I intend/pretend to be) "INE's official translator" (as you put it) - I noted your comment/suggestion though.