Tuesday 3 May 2011

Always surprising !

The Prime-Minister announced today not the measures involved in the bail-out agreement.
Instead, announced the measures that are NOT involved!!
Well, actually the ones that have been reported in the press and are not involved!
Should then we anticipate that ones that circulated, and were absent from the NOT list
will be included? Stay tuned to the next chapter.

What's in the NOT list:
- no pay general pay cuts, not even wages paid with public debt
- no change in pensions below 1500 euros
- no wage cuts to civil servants
- no reduction in minimum wage
- no constitutional revision
- no privatization of the public bank (CGD)
- no change in copayments of the National Health Service
- no change in publicly-funded schools
- no dismissals in civil service
- no dismissals without cause in companies
- no privatization of social security
- no caps in social security
- no increase in retirement age

You can read the portuguese version in the site of the Government here (I find funny the link address has "troika" in it)

Now, let's wait to see the "IN" list !

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  1. ....
    -no plague of locusts
    -no sacrifice of the firstborns

    Hey, looks good so far, great leader!


    ...I see what you did there....