Friday, 25 March 2011

Minimising future problems

Some evidence that I obtained earlier indicates that state-owned firms in Portugal tend to increase their hirings considerably (by as much as 50%) in the months just before general elections. Now that an election will probably take place very soon - and when some of those firms have so many financial problems -, it would be really important to try to minimise that very peculiar pattern of hirings this time.

I wonder if the government and/or the parliament could impose a ban on hirings during the next few months (including the months just after the general election too)? Or at least demand greater transparency on those appointments? One idea could be to require state-owned firms to disclose on the web the names and CVs of the new appointees and their job and pay levels.


  1. Although the good evidence for that phenomena, from national and international diverse political backgrounds, would be an extremely wise parliament initiative to approve pre-emptive diplomas which prevent those “sudden needs of new expertise.” Nevertheless our hopes rest only with the extremely depleted cash flow from those Public companies and other independent budget institutions, however still remains the temptation to finally repay “old debt” with a last minute hire, which burden would than, be transferred to someone else, in a matter of weeks.
    Unfortunately our experience heads towards diverse options, and there is little hope for fair-play and accountability conduct from those managers. Therefore, the show will [certainly] go on.

  2. The best forward indicator for this is to start looking at appointments of people that until very recently have been in minister cabinets. I did not check, but I guess that such appointments already started... I would love to be proved wrong on this.