Sunday, 21 February 2010

A blog on the Portuguese economy

WHO – We are a group of economists and economic historians who like to think about the Portuguese economy in an international context;
WHAT – We deal with the Portuguese economy and her troubles to catch-up to her neighbours' levels of income per capita;
WHERE – We are based in universities in a few countries across the Globe, namely, in Portugal, Canada, the US, Spain and Britain;
WHEN – We deal mainly with present times, but also with bits of historical perspective;
WHY - The Portuguese economy is an interesting topic for many reasons: it is small, but it is neither Belgium, Greece or, for that matter, Andalusia; it is developed and yet still not fully developed. Lessons for European economic integration abound.
For suggestions and post submissions please write to Pedro Lains (Editor) at Posts are in English, but we welcome comments in Portuguese too.


  1. Excelente ideia, já vos tenho no meu google reader... oops — I almost forgot — english spoken (written) here. It's great to find some friends (of the ones I agree with, and the ones I disagree, you both know who you are...) and I look forward to learning a lot reading a blog. There's nothing like looking at your country as if you were a foreigner.

    One question: is the list of contributors closed, or shall we expect to find a broader range of perspectives in the blog?

    Good luck, and good work, you all


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